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Bee Problems? We Can Help!

Bees aren't always welcome. That's why homeowners call bee exterminators. Bees removal from the house is not easy. You need a local bee removal service that's reliable, efficient, and will be there when you need them. That's why you should call Responders Pest Control when you need help with bees in Edmonton.

Identifying Bees in Your House or Yard

How do you identify bees in your home or yard? After all, there are other pests that look similar. If you ask an expert on safe bee removal, you'll learn that how to identify a bee is easier than you think.

The shape of the body, the hair, and the hind legs help you determine you are dealing with bees rather than some other type of insect. The antennae and the mouth will also provide clues. You'll find that an expert in bee control can readily spot the characteristics that determine you have a bee infestation. The team at Responders shows up quickly after you call and knows exactly how to manage a bee hive removal safety and quickly.

What is the Difference Between Bees and Wasps?

Telling the difference between bees and wasps is one of the most common questions our team hears. Look closely at the body between the thorax and the abdomen. That area will be thinner on wasps. By contrast, that section on bees will be roughly the same thickness as the rest of the body.

Our team can deal with any type of bee issue. If you need help with a honey bee removal, we have the skills and the equipment to handle the job. As a premiere bees removal company in Edmonton, we understand that you need the bees gone quickly. This is especially true if someone in the home is allergic to bees. You'll find we offer the best bee removal in the area and will not make you wait weeks for a visit. In most cases, an expert in bee extermination in Edmonton will be on the way to your home in less than 24 hours.

Have you Noticed Bees in the House?

Bees outside are one thing; finding bees in the house is another. We can handle an emergency bee removal inside or outside. We have the protective gear needed for safe bee nest removal in the house as well as the yard. Our equipment allows us to manage the bee removal in Edmonton safely and quickly. You'll find that the bees removing cost we charge is among the most competitive in the area.

What You Get by Calling Responders Pest Control to Get Rid of the Bees

The team at Responders is dedicated to eliminating your bee infestation as quickly as possible. We know how to kill bees without getting stung in the process. Along with a free inspection, we are also discreet. To protect your privacy, we use only unmarked vehicles and unmarked uniforms for our experts. If you have concerns about the chemical used, we offer 100% pesticide free options too.

Call today and learn more about the services we offer. You'll find that we can manage just about any type of pest control you need, including local bee extermination service and support. Talk with our experts today and it won't be long before your bee problem is a thing of the past.

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