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Knowledge is Power!

When it comes to pests, we're the experts. When you deal with Responders Pest Control, we make it our mission to pass our knowledge on to you. One quick call to our professional team of exterminators will ensure you have factual information that relates to your current pest problem. Best of all, we'll help you understand what tools will help you keep your home free of pests once the current infestation is eliminated.

How Do We Do It?

If you're like most people, a problem with bed bugs brings up a lot of questions. If you've tried calling other companies you've probably talked to a busy receptionist who was happy to schedule (and charge you for) a visit from one of their exterminators.

When you have a pest problem, a discussion with a receptionist is not what you require. A word with a pest control expert is what you need. An expert can answer questions like:

  • How do you know what kind of problem you have?
  • How do you prepare?
  • What will it cost to eliminate the problem?

Too many pest control companies aren't interested in answering your questions. At Responders, we connect you with a professional exterminator as quickly as possible. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to provide answers. Even as we move through the treatment, there is always time for any question that comes to your mind. You can also plan on having access to the best customer support in the area after the treatments are done. That's because we want your home to remain pest-free.

What Kind of Bug is This?

If you've found an insect in your home and have no idea what kind it is, don't panic. Catch it between two pieces of Scotch tape or in a small clear resealable plastic bag. Use your smartphone to take a few images. Contact us right away and forward the photos to use by email or text. We'll identify the pest and tell you what it will take to eliminate the infestation.

How Do I Know If I Have One Bug or Thousands?

Finding one bug in the house may or may not be a big deal. There are times when a stray one wanders into the home and is discovered quickly. At other times, noticing some type of bug or rodent scurrying along a baseboard is a bit like viewing the tip of an iceberg.

The only way to know for sure is to give us a call. We'll conduct a complete home inspection and determine if what you saw was something of an anomaly or if many more unwelcome guests are settling into your home. Depending on what we find, we can help you get rid of the pests. Our team can also recommend some changes that prevent more pests from getting into your home.

Do I Really Need to Call Now?

The thing about household pests is that they are not going to go away just because you want them gone. A more likely scenario is that the pests will lay eggs or reproduce at a rate that leads to a full-scale problem that multiplies faster than you thought possible.

Even if you believe there isn't any real issue yet, calling us now makes sense. In the best case scenario, we'll confirm that only a few pests have invaded the home and take care of them. We'll also identify the most likely points of entry and provide you with suggestions on how to keep the pests from gaining access a second time.

In the worst case scenario, we'll find that the infestation is in full swing and there's no time to waste. When you call us at the first sign of a problem, what you are really doing is preventing rodents from ripping your insulation to shreds, wreaking havoc with the home wiring, and protecting your clothing from becoming the stuff that nests are made of.

Are Home Treatments a Good Investment?

When you first call us for pest control services, our focus is on evaluating the problem and taking care of it as quickly as possible. Once that's done, we'll talk with you about what can be done to keep the same problem from developing again. Along with closing points of entry and other immediate solutions, our team will discuss the idea of periodic treatments inside and outside that keep pests at bay.

With our service contracts, you will learn why having the home treated monthly or semi-monthly reduces the chances of having another infestation. Remember that it's not just about preventing the same type of pest from getting into your home. It's also about understanding what kind of pests are common in your area and using those treatments as a proactive means of keeping them from returning.

What we want for every one of our customers is the comfort of living in a pest-free home. Whether that means getting rid of an existing problem with heat treatment or taking steps to prevent one from developing in the future, we have the knowledge and the skill to help. Call today and learn more about what we have to offer.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

What are the signs of a bed bug infestation?

Because bed bugs usually come out at night while you’re sleeping, you may never see one unless the infestation is really bad. A surefire sign is a row of two or more very itchy bites on your skin that may look like a red or purple welt. By inspecting the edge and underside of your mattress, you may also find bed bug fecal spotting, molting shells, or living bed bugs. Also check couches, baseboards, flooring, desks, chairs, bookshelves, and even computers.

It’s important to be vigilant. Not only do bed bugs feed when everyone is sleeping, but about 30% of people don’t have reactions to them. That means you could have them and pass them to friends and family without even knowing.

What strategies can I use to control and kill bed bugs?

To control them, you must wash all your clothes and linens and dry them on high heat for over twenty minutes. Then they must be put into garbage bags until the entire treatment is done.

Contrary to popular wisdom, do not throw out your furniture or mattresses. Whether we use chemical or heat treatment we will do our best to rectify the problem and save your furniture from the infestation.

What is the difference between a bed bug heat treatment and a bed bug chemical treatment?

During heat treatment, we will use specially designed industrial grade equipment and heaters to raise the interior temperature of the home. Once peak temperatures are reached the heat will be lethal to bed bugs and their eggs.

Chemical treatments are performed using commercial grade pesticides. You will be asked to leave the property for enough time to allow the pesticide to completely dry. Once the pesticide is dry it will be safe for humans and pets.

How safe are your treatments for my home and family?

All of our treatments are safe for your family and pets. Neither the chemical nor heat treatments are dangerous to your belongings when the proper precautions are followed. Depending on the treatment you require, we will provide you with information on what needs to be done to prepare for the treatment.

Do I have to vacate the home during the treatment and for any period of time afterward?

For bed bugs, cockroaches, and other chemical treatments, you will have to vacate the home for a limited period of time. We will provide you with more precise information when we are scheduling your treatment.

What should I do to prepare for your visit?

Once we know what type of infestation and treatment you require we will provide you with a treatment preparation list. We aim to make the treatment preparations as minimal and easy as possible for you.

How do I know my problem will be fixed?

Many of our treatments come with a guarantee. We will resolve your current pest problem and return as needed until the infestation is rectified. Our follow-up inspections allow us to stay on top of the treatment progress. We provide our clients with a range of deterrents that help keep pests out. We will also provide you with detailed recommendations to prevent the problem from occurring again.

I have been hearing noises coming from my attic, basement, or within the walls. Could you help me identify what may be nesting or harbouring in my home?

Yes! It sounds like it’s time to call us for a pest inspection. It could be any number of insects, or rodents.

There are a lot of wasps flying around, and I think there may be a nest nearby. What should I do?

Call us right away. We will perform a detailed inspection of your entire premises. We will locate the nest and create an action plan to eliminate it. Wasps can be very aggressive, so we recommend that you stay away and wait for the professionals.

How can I find a pest control expert near me?

You’re in luck! We are the region’s best pest control company. With great customer service and proven results, we are the pest control experts you need to call.

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