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Responders Pest Control Edmonton is the first-choice pest inspection service in the Red Deer area. We conduct top-to-bottom property evaluations and write exhaustive, detailed reports so that you can sell, buy, or maintain your home or business in full confidence.

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Professional Pest Control Inspection

Pest control is more than what meets the eye. Bugs, rodents, and other creepy crawlies are most often excellent at playing hide-and-seek. They can hide undetected inside walls, underneath floors, and virtually everywhere else you can’t see with your naked eye. Just because you can’t see the signs of an infestation—it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

When in doubt, hire a professional. Our company specializes in residential and commercial property inspections for common pests. We provide comprehensive property checks that will identify any signs and potential risks of:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Wasps
  • And more

Count on us to tell you what you need to know before you sign that dotted line.

Certified Pest Inspections

We are a team of experienced and licensed pest inspectors. Each of our inspectors has undergone extensive training to properly investigate the interior and exterior of properties, specifically for real estate transactions.

At the end of our inspection, we’ll provide you with an official written report of our findings. In this report, you’ll find a complete breakdown of the issues in need of immediate repair as well as non-urgent issues that may attract pest infestations in the future. If immediate repairs are required, we’ll come back once they’ve been completed to re-inspect the area and give you our professional clearance. For your ease of reference, our reports are clear, detailed, and include photo evidence. If you require further clarification, we’re only a phone call away. 

Home Pest Inspections

Many of our clients are prospective buyers or homeowners looking to list their property. We also partner with real estate agencies. As a buyer, you stand to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in expenses (and not to mention a massive headache) with early detection. As a seller, you may be able to increase your selling price with proof of your home’s pest-free condition.

To learn more about our pest control home inspections, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Commercial Pest Inspections

Business owners and property managers alike appreciate the thoroughness of our commercial inspections. We help professionals across all industries maintain their properties in adherence to governing regulations. We stand apart from other pest inspection companies due to the expertise and ongoing support that we bring to the table. Professionals in Red Deer trust us to provide them with the information and counsel they need to make informed decisions concerning the management of their property.

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Responders Pest Control Edmonton is your top source for reliable and affordable home and business pest inspections. It’s your property—you should know what critters or creatures may be living there.

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