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Ants are common insects with extraordinary organizing skills. They live in large colonies and often build their nests near an abundant food source. It is not uncommon for ants to invade your home or business, but when they do, they can be challenging to control and get rid of.

Responders Pest Control Edmonton is Edmonton’s ant removal specialist. When you get in touch with us, we will inspect your property, understand the nature of the problem, and decide on an ant extermination method customized to meet your needs.

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If you suspect the presence of ants in your home or business, it’s best to get in touch with an exterminator before the infestation escalates. Here are a few surefire signs that you’re dealing with an ant problem:

  • If you find ants in your food source
  • If you have noticed a colony in the yard
  • If ants are gathering in damp areas of your property
  • If you hear rustling in the walls
  • If you notice a trail of wood shavings or sawdust (carpenter ants)

Our specialists will book you in for an inspection at your earliest convenience. We will gain an understanding of the issues you’ve been facing and carefully investigate every inch of your property to locate the colony’s nest and their primary food source.

Once we understand the extent of the infestation, we can provide you with an estimate outlining the cost of the removal services.

Understanding the Ant Extermination Process

The trick to removing ants from your property for good, is getting to the queen. While it is easy enough to kill a few ants with household tools, removing an ant colony is an art that requires careful planning and a determined follow-through. Ants reproduce quickly and can live in groups of thousands, our exterminators will find the nest, the source of the infestation, and remove the colony using the industry’s leading non-toxic pesticides.

Ant Prevention, Today and Tomorrow

Once the colony is successfully removed from your property, you can get back to more important things, but not before we discuss prevention methods. Our job as ant exterminators is not just to remove insects from your home, but to help our clients avoid similar issues in the future.

Our specialists will take the time to discuss with you pest prevention methods, which may include:

  • Sealing entry points
  • Maintaining proper sanitation and cleanliness
  • Practicing proper food storage
  • Taking out the garbage on time

If you have concerns about ants into the future, our experts will be happy to follow-up with you to ensure the issue does not persist.

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If you are struggling with ants, you’re not alone. Our expert team will be happy to deliver you the thorough, professional extermination services you deserve at a price you can afford.

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