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How I Became a Responder

One morning years ago, I woke up with little red spots all over my arms. I didn't think much of it because it was summer, and I spend a lot of time outside. My assumption was that they were just mosquito bites. Who would have thought that those little, red spots would change my life?

I lifted the sheet off my mattress and saw a group of bed bugs scurry away into the box-spring. I remember standing there, stunned for a few minutes and thinking, "Why me?" Then I thought, "I can't let other people find out."

After the shock wore off, I raced to the computer and began researching everything I could. The more I learned about bed bugs, the more I realized there wasn't much I could do on my own.

I picked up the phone and started calling pest control companies. Imagine my horror as I found out none of them could come to my home sooner than two weeks. It seemed like the last thing these people wanted to worry about was my bed bug problem. They were no help whatsoever.

The best any of them would do is send some forms for me to fill out. So, I began filling out the forms while those creatures laid eggs in my box-spring and waited for me to crawl into bed so they could grab their next meal. I felt lonely, abandoned and as if no one understood my plight.

Things were only marginally better when an exterminator finally showed up weeks after my first call. Forget about courtesy to the customer. He was rude, rushed through the job as if he would rather be anywhere else, and charged me a fortune for doing little other than a quick spray.

I couldn't believe it what had just happened. Adding insult to injury, I noticed live bed bugs within 30 minutes of this expert leaving my home. Right then and there, I knew something had to change.

I took it upon myself to become an expert in all things bed bug. After weeks of study and many chemical treatments, my problem was finally gone. From start to finish, the entire ordeal had been a terrible experience.

I decided that I didn't want anyone else to have to go through what I did. That's why I started Responders Pest Control. I wanted to offer people the latest in bed bug killing heat technology and back it up with the best customer service and support ever seen in my area.

Don't settle for less than the best. If you choose Responders to deal with your pest problem, I promise we'll treat you the way I wish I'd been treated years ago.

Michael Jones

Owner, Responders Pest Control

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